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Thembelihle Village


Social Housing is a rental or co-operative housing option which requires institutionalised management which is provided by accredited SHIs or in accredited social housing projects in designated restructuring zones.


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Social housing provides good quality rental accommodation for the upper end of the low income market (R1500 - R15 000). With the primary objective of urban restructuring, creating substainable human settlements.





Housing is not just about building houses...it is also about transforming our residential areas and building communities.


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SPSH Archive

The Support Programme for Social Housing was co-funded by the European Union and the Government of the Republic of South Africa

Toolkits and Documents

Financial Management

The Financial Management Manual aims to encourage improved accounting and financial management practices that contribute to the efficient administrative processes and functioning of Social Housing Institutions (SHIs).

Financial Structuring Services

Compliance Risk Rating Model, Guide to Raising Finance, Financial Sector Charter and more.


Governance is essentially the means of ensuring due and adequate control over the strategy and direction of an organisation and the stewardship, use and disposition of its assets - both financial and non-financial - in achieving its objectives.
Download: Governance Guidelines and Governance Toolkit

Human Resources

In preparing this Human Resource Manual we have taken careful note of the overall context and current stage of the social housing sector.
Download: SHI Human Resources Manual and Human Resources Toolkit.

Operational Management

Operational management is a process of combining, allocating, coordinating, and deploying all the resources of an organisation in such a way that the organisation attains its goals.
Download: Operational Management Toolkit.

Organisational Strategy

Organisational Strategy Training Material, Organisational Strategy Business Planning, Organisational Strategy Risk Management, Organisational Strategy Financial Model.

Procurement Manual

Development of Effective Internal Procurement Policies, Procedures and Processes in Selected Social Housing Institutions.
Download: Policy and Procedure Manual, Templates and Samples.

Property Development

Property Development - Manuals and Documents

Property Management

The purpose of these documents is to ensure that the facilities owned by Social Housing Institutions (SHI) are of a standard that will provide the tenants with best possible living environment and at the same time ensure that the buildings are properly managed by the SHIs.
Download: Asset Management Strategy, Operational Property Management, Contract Management, Procurement Management, Lifecycle Costing Model.

Tenant Management

Generic Manuals, Projects, Training Manuals.