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Thembelihle Village


Social Housing is a rental or co-operative housing option which requires institutionalised management which is provided by accredited SHIs or in accredited social housing projects in designated restructuring zones.


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Social housing provides good quality rental accommodation for the upper end of the low income market (R1500 - R15 000). With the primary objective of urban restructuring, creating substainable human settlements.





Housing is not just about building houses...it is also about transforming our residential areas and building communities.


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The Tshwane UDZ has been approved by the Minister and published in the Government Gazette No. 27077 on 10th December 2004. A full map of the proposed area can be found here but roughly it extends from Boom Street, the Bell Hombre Station and Pretoria Zoo in the north to Schutte Street in the west, the railway line up to Nelson Mandela Drive in the south and the continuation of Nelson Mandela Drive in the east.

The UDZ has attracted a good deal of public attention and some of the larger banks and property companies are already investigating investment within the UDZ. In addition the City of Tshwane has provided an additional incentive in the form of a 50% discount on all building plan fees filed with the City Planning department. The UDZ is also aligned with Tshwane's 2004-2009 Spatial Development Frameworkand its IDP.

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