Legislative Framework


Transfer and Disposal of Social Housing Stock

The purpose of these rules is to set out the principles applicable to and the process for the transfer of social housing stock or rights, as contemplated in regulation 13 of the Regulations, and the disposal of social housing stock, as contemplated in regulation 14 of the Regulations, and any matters ancillary thereto.

Gazetted Draft Rules on the Transfer of Social Housing Stock Funded with Public Funds

Transfer and Disposal Rules

Application for Amnesty for Disposal of Social Housing Stock Without the Approval of SHRA


Compliance Monitoring



Circular 2 of 2014
Circular 3 of 2014



Circular 1 of 2011
Circular 2 of 2011
Circular 3 of 2011
Circular 5 of 2011
Accreditation & Reporting Circular 2 of 2011