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Abbreviations & Acronyms 

Social housing professionals sometimes speak in acronyms - for example, calling the Social Housing Regulatory the SHRA.  Here are some terms often used to help you decode social housing speak:

ASAQS -  Association of South African Quantity Surveyors
ASHCO - Alexandra Social Housing Company

BCC -  Black Construction Council
BESG - Built Environment Support Group
BNG -  Breaking New Ground

CDSM - Community Development Services & Management
CETA - Construction Education & Training Authority
CIDB - Construction Industry Development Board
CRU - Community Residential Units
CSIR - Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
CSM - Corporate Services Manager
CTCHC - Cape Town Community Housing Company

DA - Delivery Agents – this includes both Accredited SHIs and Private sector organisations 
DAG - Development Action Group
DBSA -  Development Bank of Southern Africa
DHS - Department of Human Settlements
DIGH - Dutch International Guarantees for Housing
DM - Deep Down Market – Beneficiaries earning less than R3500
DPLG - Department of Provincial and Local Government
DPSA - Department of Public Services and Administration
DTI - Department of Trade and Industry

EIA - Environmental Impact Assessment
FM - Finance Manager (SHIP Team)
FLISP - Finance-Linked Individual Subsidy Programm
FMHC - First Metro Housing Company

GGICHC - Greater Germiston Inner City Housing Corporation
GM - Grant Manager (SHIP Team)
GMHA - Greater Middelburg Housing Association
GPF - Gauteng Partnership Fund

HAEL - Housing Association East London
HDA - Housing Development Agency
HSRC - Human Sciences Research Council

ICA - International Co-operative Alliance
IDP - Integrated Development Plan
IDT - Independent Development Trust
IHSA - Institute for Housing Southern Africa
IM - Investment Manager (SHIP Team)
IRC - Independent Review Consultant (SHIP Team)
ISHP - Interim Social Housing Programme
ISHP I - Interim Social Housing Programme in year 1 of programme
ISHP II - Interim Social Housing Programme in year 2 of programme
ISHP III - Interim Social Housing Programme in year 3 of programme

JHC -  Johannesburg Housing Company
JOSHCO - Johannesburg Social Housing Company

KWTHA - King Williams Town Housing Association

MDB - Municipal Demarcation Board
MEC - Members of Executive Committees
MHA - Msunduzi Housing Association

NASHO - National Association of Social Housing Organisations
NCASA - National Co-Operatives Association of South Africa
NDA - National Development Agency
NDoH - National Department of Housing
NDoHS - National Department of Human Settlements
NEDLAC - National Economic Development and Labour Council
NHBRC - National Home Builders Registration Council
NHFC - National Housing Finance Corporation
NORAD - The Norwegian Agency for Development Co-operation
NSHTT - National Social Housing Task Team
NURCHA -  National Urban and Reconstruction Housing Agency

OHHA - Own Haven Housing Association

PB - Primary Beneficiary – tenant/household that has a joint income that is less than R3500 per month
PHP -  People’s Housing Process
PM - Programme Manager (SHIP Team) 
PRZs - Provisional Restructuring Zones
PSC - Provincial Steering Committees
PSSP - Public Sector Support Programme

QS A - Quick Scan A (Organisational Due Diligence)
QS B - Quick Scan B (Assessment of the Project)
QS C - Quick Scan C (Financial viability of the Project)

RCG - Restructuring Capital Grant

SAHCA - South African Housing Co-operative Association
SALGA - South African Local Government Association
SB - Secondary Beneficiary – tenant/household that has a joint income that is between R3501 to a maximum of R7500 per month
SHA - Social Housing Association
SHF - Social Housing Foundation
SHI - Social Housing Institution
SHiFT - Social Housing Focus Trust
SHIP - Social Housing Investment Programme
SHRA - Social Housing Regulatory Authority
SM - Secondary Market – Beneficiaries earning from R3500 to R7500
SOHCO - Social Housing Company
SPSH - Support Programme for Social Housing

TAT - Transaction Advisors of Treasury
TM - Technical Manager (SHIP Team)
TRG - Technical Resource Group
TSSP - Technical Sector Support Programme
TUHF - Trust for Urban Housing Finance

UNCHS - United Nations Committee for Human Settlements
USAID - United States Agency for International Development
UDZ - Urban Development Zone

YCH - Yeast City Housing